Aiou Tutor Address 2021 For Matric, FA, BA, MA & All Other Classes

Those who are studying in Allama Iqbal open university knows the important steps and the most crucial one is to find Aiou tutor address properly in 2021. Aiou announces regularly through gazzate regarding tutor information and how to contact them however for a new student it might be a tricky part. Don’t worry we will explain as well as provide you with information about your tutor in this post.

How To Get Aiou Tutor Address & Name By Roll No

As we know that Aiou has assigned the Tutor for students according to the course and address. When a new student enrolled in the Allama Iqbal university then they assign a teacher according to the area. Tutar duty is to receive & check the Student assignments which they write on the notepads.

But there is a question that how they find Aiou Tutor Online by Registration No or Roll No? so don’t worry here is the solution. Simply follow the steps below.

  • Go to Google and type AIOU Tutor.
  • Click on the First Link
  • Select your Course by typing your Roll No.

Aiou Tutor Address

  • Enter your Assigned Roll no.
  • Click next.
  • Here you are, You will see your Tutor Address with Mobile No.

Simply call them or send your written Assignments to the tutor adres.

Check Your Tutor Address

Check Tutor Address


Aiou Tutor Search For Matric, FA, BA, Masters & Other Classes in 2021

Many students want to search the tutor by putting their roll no on wrong websites and they did not find anything. Here we guided you in the proper way to find your Teacher in an easy way. Also, on the given method you can Find your tutor for MA Urdu & Islamiat, Msc, BA, Bsc, PhD and other courses as well.

Just like any university, the news is out regularly about the examination, admissions 2021 as well as roll no slips. Every year thousands of students look for this information online through university portal and surfing online.

This university is a place where knowledge spread. In the start, there were no such universities in Pakistan. If you want to pursue studies then go for conventional way. Attend classes physically and be face to face with the tutor. People use to walk hundreds of kilometres just to take classes and access to education was quite difficult.

Then technology changed everything. now even a primary student has access to the internet and they access education through portals etc. Aiou has the same mission of spreading knowledge without physically attending any tutor regularly.

For Inter to Masters and post-doctorate you can get admission in Allama Iqbal open university, Once you are in then the next process of books and getting your tutor connection starts. University announces tutor schedule 2021 now and you can get information in your mails as well as on this page.

Aiou Tutor letter 2021 for matric, FA, BA, MA etc can be downloaded from university official site as well as from below link.

Why Aiuo attach tutor to students?

It’s so important in education especially in distance learning that a student get proper guidance. For this, you need a dedicated teacher, and this is the model pursued by open universities. They have a dedicated tutor profile, and complete information is provided so you can easily contact them for further correspondence. Also, they help students to complete their assignments on time and they give great ideas and suggestions to their students to pass their exams.

What if tutor address not found?

University has a complete system, They will mail you the whole tutor profile and info including addres and contact number so you can easily get connected. However, some times the postal process stuck and students become quite worried.

No need to panic, what you can do is to visit the nearest campus in search of a tutor as aiou campuses are all over Pakistan, in each city. Tell them your registration number and they will tell you tutor schedule as well as their contact info.

 Aiou tutor profile through online portal

  • Open the official website and look for the option of a tutor.
  • Open your region
  • Select program
  • And submit to get the tutor address.
  • You must have roll no with you or registration no

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Hope you will be able to find your tutor, here are more links to find details

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