Subject Wise CSS Past Papers for Exam in Pakistan 2023

The Central Superior Service, which is known as CSS in short, is a permanent bureaucratic elite authority responsible for managing the civilian bureaucrat operations and government secretaries and cabinet departments. The public service defines itself as the primary wheels on which the entire state engine must run. The CSS Past papers are one of the best sources for the students to learn the exam Petron and prepare themself.

5 Years Old CSS Past papers of All Subjects 2023

Here we have made a special section for CSS students and on StudyGuide you will get the answers to all questions from CSS past papers that are given in CSS exams. We advise you to prepare more as a good exam preparation strategy needs to go further. So we also added some notes.

These notes will help you to carefully craft a program covering all aspects. When it comes to CSS papers, sometimes candidates have trouble understanding questions from previous papers or want to know how to answer a specific question. This section will help you with that! Our answers will be complete and up to date.

There are not only one or two books in CSS, There are lots of Subjects in the exam which depends on you to select the best one. Here is the complete table of subjects which or optional and compulsory.

CSS Compulsory Subjects

Everyday ScienceCurrent AffairsPakistan Affairs

CSS Optional Subjects Previous Papers

Group AGroup B

Group C

Accountancy & AuditingPolitical SciencePure Mathematics
EconomicsAgricultureApplied Mathematics
Business AdministrationForestryComputer Science
Public AdministrationSociologyStatistics

Group D (Science Subjects)

Group E (History Subjects)

Group F

PhysicsIslamic History & CultureLaw
Geology Constitutional Law
GeographyIndo-Pak HistoryMercantile Law
ChemistryBritish HistoryMuslim Law & Jurisprudence
BotanyEuropean HistoryInternational Law
ZoologyHistory of the USAInternational Relations
Group GGroup H (Regional Languages)

Group I (National & Foreign Languages)

PhilosophySindhiEnglish Literature

So this was the complete list of subjects that are available in PDF. You can Download All past papers in PDF format.

How to Prepare for CSS Exam:

CSS has strict criteria but a simple procedure. Here is how it goes:

  • Take the program.
  • Choose additional topics – two things to consider before deciding which topic to choose. a) Inside information. b) Interest / what topic are you more interested in?)
  • Find relevant material in FPSC recommended books, other genuine books, and on the Internet. Solved past papers. Take the NOTES (covers one topic from all angles). Prepare your MCQ as there will be 20 marks on each paper except Essay and Precis.
  • You must study previous CSS exam assignments. Reading previous papers can help you prepare for the exam. It helps to understand the format of CSS exams. This will not only give you an idea of the nature of the questions asked in papers but also tells you the time allocated for the publication of the article. 
  • Read and write.
  • Solve specific and understanding problems.
  • Long writing exercise.

The best preparation for the CSS exam should include addressing previous work as well as learning from the examiner’s perspective, such as how to create new questions that have not been asked in the past. Whatever topic you study, study it carefully and focus on “WHY, causes, consequences/consequences” so that each topic is considered from all points of view.

This will help you feel confident before your exams.

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Tips To Update Yourself For Exam

Keep up to date with domestic news and news from around the world. However, just keep an eye on the QUESTIONS-related stuff. For example, the study “How Pakistan can improve the economic status and educational standards” and other questions related to CSS.

What resources should you consult on CSS? FPSC recommends books, other authentic books by well-known authors. For current events and background information, read Dawn, The News, Express Tribune, etc. And for international news follow Foreign Affairs, Al Jazeera, BBC, Foreign Policy, etc.

Tip: PRACTICE. Yes, without writing skills, everything you have read or studied is impossible, because someone on the exam does not have much time to think and write. The more writing skills you practice, the better you remember what you read and also improve your writing skills.

Selection of CSS optional subjects: 

There are two opinions on this. Some believe that “score trends” are important, but others believe that you should go for topics you already have little knowledge about or choose a topic that you enjoy.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as highlighting topics. The correct approach is: First, see if there is a topic that you know about or that you have studied before. 

Secondly, see if there is one topic that picks your interest – something you will study even if you are not preparing for CSS exams.

Final Tip:

We have given you all CSS papers and practical tips so the final tip is to read the article again and make notes. These are very important when it comes to guaranteed preparation to pass CSS with outstanding marks. 

They make an immediate impact to improve your level of preparation in a short period of time. By the way, if you are planning for PMS then these papers are also of great help. Good luck!

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