FPSC Solved Past Papers With Answers 2023

FPSC stands for Federal Public Sector Commission of Pakistan. It conducts exams for various government jobs and publishes previous papers so that candidates can practice before exam day. FPSC Past papers of the last 5 years are available to download on their official website and also we provide on our website with complete details.

You will find a wide range of subjects including English Language and Comprehension, General Knowledge (both world history and general science), Basic Mathematics, Computer Science Aptitude Test (CSA), etc. Following is the available papers with job titles:

FPSC Past papers solved with answers 2023

According to the experts, the FPSC past papers with solved answers help you to get the highest marks in the exam because every year they did not add new questions. They try to add questions from previous exams which helped the students to pass their exams.

The FPSC exam is a difficult test that many people have trouble passing. The blog post will provide tips to help students pass the exam in order to get a dream job.

The FPSC exam is a two-day, six-hour-long examination with 200 questions and covers all of the topics on the national curriculum for professional counselors including psychotherapy theories, ethics, human growth and development, multicultural counseling competencies among other things.

It’s important for prospective candidates to be well prepared when it comes time to take this test as they need at least five years of supervised experience before they can even apply for their certification. There are plenty of study materials available on our website which cover everything you’ll need in order to succeed. Following are the posts open for FPSC and their past papers:

  • Inspector Customs/ Intelligence Officer (BS–16)
  • Senior Auditor (BS–16)
  • National Savings Officer (BS–17)
  • Assistant Executive Engineer (Civil)
  • Assistant Director (Networking)
  • Accountant (NHA)
  • Assistant Director (NHA)
  • Physical Training Instructor
  • MIS Officer
  • Statistical Officer/ Research Officer
  • Appraising/Valuation Officer (BS–16)
  • Inspector Inland Revenue
  • FIA Test Preparation
  • Inspector ASF
  • Inspector (Legal) BS–16
  • Meteorologist (BS-17)
  • Assistant Meteorologist (BS-16)
  • Civilian Labor Officer (BS-16)
  • Accountant
  • Patrol Officer
  • Preventive Officer
  • Computer Operator
  • Computer Instructor
  • Assistant Director (FPSC)
  • Communication Security Officer
  • Assistant Communication Security Officer

The Federal Public Service Commission is a government agency that promotes merit-based recruitment of enterprising candidates to the civil/federal Services. They offer jobs for experienced, well-educated, hardworking, and dynamic individuals who are ready to make an impact in their communities as Assistant Librarians or Customer Care Associates.

Requirements for FPSC

In order to be competitive in the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) of Pakistan, applicants must hold a Ph.D., Master’s degree MBBS, and Bachelor’s degree from HEC recognized university.

Applicants require experience relevant to their field of study for jobs available at FPSC-Pakistan.

A detailed resume with attested copies of all necessary documents such as educational certificates, experiences certificates domicile is required when applying by submitting your application along with recent photographs given address on the official FPSC website.

Tips for Preparation of FPSC exams

  1. Download the latest fpsc past papers from our website.
  2. Read through the paper and make a list of all the topics that you need to study more thoroughly.
  3. Make flashcards for each topic on your list, along with any formulas or equations that are needed.
  4. Practice taking timed practice tests in order to prepare for an exam environment.
  5. Take notes during class so you can review them later.
  6. Study at least one hour per day, five days per week until your test date arrives.
  7. Make sure you get plenty of sleep before an exam – it will help focus your mind and body.

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