Nums past papers chapter wise 2023 with answer keys in PDF

Old papers are one of the best sources to prepare yourself for any exam. If you are taking admission to the National University of Medical Sciences, then the Nums past papers work as a diamond for you. We know that students who register for the entry test also looking for the best exam preparation method but they did not find any book on the internet sometimes.

Most MDCAT preparation academies in Pakistan also offer the National University of Medical Science test preparation. MDCAT is similar to this test and the good thing is you will be given a second chance in case you are not able to pass it. Past papers are always a reliable source to measure your capability of how much you are prepared for a test and which areas need more attention.

Chapter Wise NUMS Past Papers With Answer Keys 2023

Many students search for NUMS past papers with answer keys to download in pdf but cannot find them. We at Studyguide do our best to provide students with some reliable material that will help them get high marks because your success is also our success.

So here is the list of subjects you can download in PDF format.


Students are advised to take an effective method for nums exams preparations and we got so many requests to upload Mbbs, English & Bio past papers that we couldn’t resist but making a whole pot onto it just for our readers.

How to Prepare Yourself for Entry test from past papers:

Students can find NUMS papers from this post to properly prepare or practice for their next placement test. You can now get a set of papers, but it is recommended that you review each paper individually and take your time to solve it.

Every year NUMS organize an entry test for new inductions and their paper is one of the toughest of all universities. This is done to make sure they get only competitive students.

Please note that a large number of students will appear for the admission test and only students that score the highest marks are eligible for admission. This situation puts every student in a very competitive environment. So it is advisable to prepare well before taking the entrance exam and past online papers can be the best way for securing your admission to NUMS.

  • First, these papers will help you familiarize yourself with the scoring criteria and layout of a test that is slightly different from MDCAT.
  • You can check where you are now after taking these papers. You will have a better understanding of your weaknesses and strengths. For example, you will know that it takes you a while to fill out the MCQs so you can practice time management.
  • This will help you review the topics over a 3 hour period. Your brain will work faster than a supercomputer, This will help you improve additional and forgotten pieces in your content and answers.
  • You will get an idea of ​​how the questions were asked and what the difficulty level was compared to MDCAT. This is useful because medical students usually only focus on MDCAT and see it as a standard.
  • This will reduce your anxiety level because you now know the pattern and difficulty level. You’re more likely to worry about students who haven’t seen the previous paper.
  • You will know what topics you are weak on. Maybe you are weak in chemistry or physics. Once you know it then can focus on your weak areas and improve them.

So that’s all. Hope you will find it useful to prepare for your NUMS admission test.

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Why you should solve old NUMS papers?

Perfection takes practice. You all know that training makes a man perfect. On the NUMS Entry Test, most students fail to manage time and miss the opportunity to gain admission to the MBBS / BDS program. There are many factors behind it like time management problem, unfamiliar with a paper pattern, MCQ understanding problems. Students need to think of a strategy that will help them solve this entry test within the specified time.

To take 100% paper, a candidate must practice for it. They can practice solving previous papers and even specially designed paper samples according to the NUMS 2023 program. This will have a huge impact on your passing ratio.

The last batch Toppers recommends solving past papers to get a clear picture of the NUMS paper model and practice to improve your question-solving skills. For competitive exams, it’s a must to go through all past papers so you can have a pre picture of the whole scenario.

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