PMS Solved Past Papers for All Subjects in PDF [2023 Updated]

PMS past papers are one of the best way to get into Provisional Management Service which is shortly known as PMS in Pakistan which comes under Pakistan Administrative Service. The best way to know the kind of paper you’ll be dealing with is to look at the old papers and how they were handled.

To get good grades in your PMS exams, you have to work hard. Keep on practicing writing essays, and you can get good grades in your exams.

You can use the same techniques for PMS that you use for studying for tests and quizzes or you can just try to study at the same time every day. With so many lengthy courses here you cant study and memorize all of it. So the best way is to go for selective questions.

PMS past papers In pdf for All Subjects 2023

It’s hard sometimes to concentrate and read online. We understand there are so many distractions. An easy solution for you is to download PMS past papers in pdf format from this page and save it into your mobile or PC. Now disconnect from everywhere and starts reading these old papers one by one.

This is by far the best method to prepare yourself. Your mind will be more focused and your productivity will increase. The exams are quite competitive so make sure you prepare well before time. The special thing bout PMS is it’s not conducted against a date sheet. This means the government of Pakistan will announce it only when they have vacant positions.

Optional and Compulsory subjects

Let’s have an overview of the subjects. PMS divided it into two parts, compulsory and optional.

Compulsory subjects:

  • English Essay
  • Pakistan Studies
  • English General
  • General Knowledge
  • Urdu
  • Islamic Studies / Ethics for non-Muslims

You have to take all of the above being compulsory PMS papers and for optional you will be surprised to know there are 30 subjects from which you have to pick 3 in total. one from each group of seven groups.

نیچے دیے گئے مضامین پر کلک کر کے پرچے ڈاؤنلوڈ کریں۔

Click On the Blue Color Paper names to download your Past papers.

Optional Subjects

Group & Sr. No.SubjectsMarks
Group “A”
3Business Administration200
4Public Administration200
Group “B”
6Veterinary Science200
Group “C”
10Computer Science200
12Principle Of Engineering200
Group “D”
13Political Science200
16Mass Communication200
Group “E”
20Social Work200
Group “F”
21English Literature200

Why Prepare from Past papers

You might think why we are emphasizing past papers preparation and not go to books directly. There are several reasons. Let’s discuss a few:

  • You get to know the pattern of paper which really helps in organizing beforehand.
  • Once you know what’s coming up then you will plan your time for maximum benefit.
  • You can see how the examiner is choosing to ask and which angle should be covered during your writing.
  • Some of the questions also repeat in the next papers so it’s kind of easy marks.

PMS past papers MCQs – Crucial Part

This is one of the most important parts of the PMS exam as MCQs can give you easy marks if you know how to prepare well. Multiple choice questions are easy yet tricky to handle. You can just guess all of them but a few. Sometimes the options given are so close to each other that you cant distinguish.

For example, if there is a question:

On which date Resolution of Pakistan was decided? 

1 – 23 March 1940                2- 20 March 1940                    3- 23 March 1941 

Now see what the examiner has done? He mixed up years and dates. To choose the correct one from these types of questions you have to study thoroughly. And these pdf mock papers of PMS will take your preparation to a whole new level.

Recommended PMS preparation books

There are several books that are also recommended and we will try to provide you pdf version as well if you are interested then comment below and we will send you these.

  • Past papers collection by HSM Publishers
  • Top 30 essays for PMS/CSS by Zahid Ashraf
  • Caravan e Urdu for SCC /PMS
  • Constitutional law for CSS /PMS /LLB by Rahim Baksh
  • Jahangir’s World Times
  • Gender Studies
  • Pakistan History by Dogar Books

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